Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Medical Tourism Destinations

Increasingly the world of health care is becoming a consumer market. Patients now frequently scour the availability of procedures from private clinics nationwide and abroad to find the best healthcare treatments to suit their needs and are very happy to travel.

The most popular destinations for weight loss liposuction surgery abroad are Prague, Brazil and Thailand. Many people chose these destinations as they are cheaper for abdominal liposuction than clinics within the UK. Surgeons abroad may charge less for the lipo procedure as due to the exchange rate advantage but also standards or regulations may differ. 

Brazil is the number one destination for breast enhancement surgery and now performs the highest number or breast implant procedures after the USA each year. Surgeons in Brazil can perform a wide range of breast augmentation procedures including gummy bear breast implants, silicone breast implants and tear drop implants. The cost of breast implants in Brazil may vary from clinic to clinic with the best breast surgeons charging up to $3,000 or as little as $1,500. 

Medical insurance may not always cover patients for surgery abroad. Some patients do experience problems whilst receiving cosmetic surgery treatments in foreign destinations and it is important to make sure you check the reputation of the clinic and the whether you have sufficient health cover to proceed with the operation.
Hospitals in India may provide very cheap cover but often the standard of aftercare is not equivalent to that received within the UK and the cost of flights and accommodation must also be considered when calculating the overall cost of the surgery.

Asian destinations such as Nepal or Sri Lanka are very popular for holistic retreats for spa treatments for general wellbeing. Patients like to combine health treatments with holidays in exotic destinations to maximise their experience.